About Us



OL Africa Foundation, registered in 2016 is a media and creative industry organisation specialising in audio-visula and film production.The foundation was formed to become an incubation hub for film and msuic production telent, to become an incubation hub for film and music production talent,to empower and provide opportunities to the youth from disavantaged backgrounds across South Africa. Our organisation value is to provide skills and technical experience to the youth within Gauteng province who aspire to become content creators. At OL Africa, we acknowledge that “Your creativity is your mouthpiece” therefore we have made it our mandate to nurture creative talent and groom them for the biggest plartforms internationally. We are in the creative business of telling African stories to the rest of the globe under the tagline “Africa to the World”


•  To pioneer the production and consumption of quality, technological content in order to tell African stories by the youth to the world.

• To accelerate business owned by youth through training and media platforms.


To contribute to the growth and diversification of the creative (audio-visual & music)
space and youth SMME’s in the country through the use of advanced technological
equipment, media platforms and training.


• Nominated in 2017 by former Mayor Parks Tau as “Youth Organisation Likely To Succeed”.• The youngest organisation to partner with the Gauteng Community Safety under the program – Take Charge.
• 1st Youth Organisation in South Africa to be awarded to run a MICTSETA Film & TV NQF Level 5 Learnership.
•1st Youth Organisation in South Africa to be awarded to run a CATHSSETA Internship Program.